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Susanna Toumanyan congratulated the students and the employees on International Women’s Day (March 8), on behalf of her and all the members of the Rectorate of Vanadzor State University. S. Toumanyan wished them happiness, good family, love and devotion.  

The feeling of admiration and devotion of Armenian men towards women has come from ancient times, when the matriarchy was naturally replaced by the worship for mothers, i.e. the worship for mother, wife, sister and daughter. Nowadays, Armenian man has found a way to spread even a full month of spring under your feet as a magnificent occasion of exaltation and celebration.

She wished all of them peaceful, cloudless sky and the best opportunities to born children and educate them. Be always loved and appreciated in life. May the goddess of love be always lavish towards them, as they deserve that luxury. They are kindhearted and they can spread that luxury everywhere, including their neighbours and relatives.

Susanna Tօumanyan

Acting Rector of VSU

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