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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

VSU Library together with the University has moved from Yerevan, having about 110 thousand volumes of books.

The Library of Vanadzor State University named after H. Toumanyan was established in 1969, June 9, as a structural subdivision of Kirovakan Pedagogical Institute based on Armenian State Distance Learning Institute. Since the day of its establishment, Vladik Martirosyan (1969-1994), Kristine Zatikyan (1994-2007) and Valeri Piloyan, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor (2007-2013) have been the Directors of the Library. Since 2013, Arthur Melikyan, Candidate of Historical Sciences, has become the University Library Director.

The book collection of the Library consisted of 110 thousand volumes at the moment of its establishment. For decades, the book fund has undergone significant changes. On the one hand it has been refined; on the other hand it has been supplemented with new literature in line with scientific and educational requirements. Nowadays, the Library book fund counts more than 137 thousand volumes, nearly half of which are educational and scientific books.

The Library has a reading room that can simultaneously host more than 60 readers. VSU Library also has 6 professional cabinets (history, foreign languages, Armenian language and literature, pedagogy and psychology, journalism, economy and geography) with more than 3460 volumes of books.

The department of old publications of the Library has 2519 volumes of old and valuable books.

The Library receives 10 newspapers (8 in the Armenian language, and 2 in the Russian language) and 12 different magazines (5 in the Armenian language, and 7 in the Russian language).

The Library fund is replenished through commercial deals, as well as through donations of other higher education institutions, foreign embassies, individuals and social organizations.

About each new book there is a notification on the website, in the “Bibliographic Directory” of the journal “Vanadzor State University”, and in the bibliography submitted to the chairs.

The electronic library (e-library), the replenishment of which is a continuous process, has been functioning since 2015. There are more than 10.000 books of 53 specializations in Armenian, Russian, English, French and German.

The Library consists of the following departments:

-          Service

-          Replenishment and development

-          Bibliography

-          E-library.

 Who can make use of the Library?

The academic staff, students, postgraduate students, applicants and employees of Vanadzor State University, as well as the teachers and pupils of the College and High School of the University, have the right to make use of the Library. The students of other higher education institutions and individuals can make use of the Library only with the permission of the Directorate.

How to become a subscriber?

In order to become a subscriber of the Library, the following documents should be submitted to the service department:

-          Copy of the passport

-          One photo (size 3x4)

The academic staff and the employees of the University can make use of VSU Library according to their employment contract. BA and MA students, as well as postgraduate students and applicants can make use of the Library as long as they study at University.

The reader can order the book online or pick it up at the Library.

Books or other printed materials are given to the subscriber maximum for one academic year. The last book of the academic year should be returned.

The subscriber can only borrow seven books from the Library.

No books can be taken out of the reading room.

The one, who spoils books or other printed materials, should be subject to liability.

The one, who loses a book, should restore it or return other book which costs tenfold of the value of the lost book.

The reader should keep silence in the Library and reading room.

The electronic database has been operating since the academic year 2017- 2018. You need to be a library subscriber to make use of the electronic database or order a book online.

You need to enter the University website (http://www.vsu.am/), then the page of the Library, activate the card index button, after it click on the Subscribers link to write the Username and Password on the open window. After completing these steps successfully, the personal e-card of the reader will be opened, whereby the subscriber can order a new book through special clicks, searching by author, title, professional index and property number, and see the lists of books s/he has ordered, borrowed and handed over.

For more details on how to make use of the electronic database, see the guide-booklet or visit VSU Library.

You need to become a subscriber to make use of the e-library. One should click the “Register” button and write his/her username and password on the window. Opening the section s/he is interested in, the reader can search for the book s/he needs by writing the title of the book or the name and surname of the author on the corresponding window in order to enter the e-library.

VSU Library

Tel.:  41854 (41855) 151

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