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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

The Chair of Foreign languages of the university was founded in 1969 (previously it was called Chair of Russian and Foreign Languages). In 1973 it was divided into two independent chairs, such as Chair of Russian Language and Chair of Foreign Language.

The chair provides courses to all the faculties of the university. About 50 subjects are taught in English, German and French languages by the lecturers of the chair.

Nowadays, 17 lecturers work in the chair, and among them there are 7 Candidates, 4 Associate Professors and 5 Assistants.

Scientific conferences, as well as pedagogical and methodological seminars are organized by the chair.

In the chair the academic work is mainly carried out with the following directions: they are developed educational and methodological materials relevant to the courses of the theoretical subjects, they are created educational and methodological manuals and materials for specialized faculties. The lecturers of the chair, such as K. Sargsyan, N. Jaghinyan, L. Vardanyan, L. Sarukhanyan, G. Alaverdyan, A. Papoyan, A. Arakelyan and others have become the authors of different books, scientific, educational and methodological manuals.  

Currently, 4 lecturers work on their PhD dissertation. The chair has more than 90 published scientific articles.

The lecturers actively participate in the preparation of grant projects. An exchange of experience is carried out at a number of universities which are in abroad (such as in Sweden, in Ukraine, in Georgia and in Bulgaria). Our students are actively partaking in exchange programmes, many of them continue their education at the universities which are in abroad (such as in Poland, in Sweden, in Spain, in Rumania and in Portugal).            Every year the Chair of Foreign Languages organizes city quizzes, Olympiads for high school pupils, as well as seminars and conferences for English language teachers of Lori region, which strengthens more the relation between university and school With the initiative and support of the Chair of Foreign Languages they are organized “TED VSU Club” and “Debate Club” for developing the students’ English language skills and abilities during the lessons. The work of the groups are carried out by the fourth year students of Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree students from the department of English language and Literature. The work which they have fulfilled is controlled and regulated by the chair of Foreign Languages.

We would like to mention that many of our graduates have achieved great success in their professional sphere. 

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