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The Chair of Mathematics was established in November 2014 as a result of uniting the Chairs of Mathematical Analysis, Mathematics and its Teaching Chairs of Methodology.

A. Arakelyan, who is Associate Professor, is the head of the chair.

In 1969 there were two mathematical chairs in the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (Chair of Mathematical Analysis, head of the chair is Professor H. Arzumanyan, and Chair of Geometry and Algebra, head of the Chair is L. Safaryan).

In 1974 these two chairs merged, forming the Chair of Methods of Teaching Mathematics, head of the chair is L. Vardanyan, who is Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences.

At different times the chair was headed also by Associate Professors Zh. Hakhinyan, R. Sahakyan, R. Kroyan, Zh. Baghdasaryan, M. Sayadyan,   M. Sakanyan, A. Arakelyan and S. Apresyan.

S. Mergelyan, RA NAS Academician, Correspondent Member of USSR Academy of Sciences; A. Bagdanov, Correspondent Member of RA Academy of Sciences; V. Baghdasaryan, Doctor of Economic Sciences; S. Avetisyan, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences; S. Karapetyan, G. Virabyan, V. Galoyan and Sh. Sahakyan are Candidates of Physical and Mathematical Sciences; have worked in the chairs.

One of the oldest employees, R. Ghevondyan has worked in the chair until retiring.

Nowadays, Candidates of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professors A. Arakelyan, R. Kroyan, R. Sahakyan, M. Sayadyan, Zh. Baghdasaryan, M. Sakanyan, A. Apresyan, A. Papoyan, H. Grigoryan, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences H. Ghumashyan, H. Mamikonyan, Assistants Zh. Sahakyan, L. Khachatryan, A. Baghdasaryan, lecturers S. Sardaryan, A. Ghukasyan, N. Grigoryan, T. Tavaratsyan, J. Santrosyan and A. Grishkyan work in the chair.

Nowadays, the chair provides courses to the faculties of Physics and Mathematics, History and Geography, Biology and Pedagogy.

The workers of the chair have published 11 academic and methodological manuals, numerous scientific and methodological articles. The chair is always in contact with the schoolteachers of mathematics.

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