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23 lecturers work in the chair, among them 2 Doctor of Sciences, 16 Candidates, and 14 Associate Professors.

The chair provides courses to all the faculties of the university. About 74 subjects are Selection taught, among them “Plant Anatomy and Morphology”, “Genetics and the understanding of”, “Methods of Teaching Biology”, “Plant Physiology, Microbiology and Virology”, “Evolution Theory”, “Zoology”, “Animal Ecology”, “Various Forms of Life”, “Ethology”, “Histology”, “Human Anatomy”, “Human and Animal Physiology”, “Age Anatomy and Physiology of Aging”, “Human Physiology”, “Human Ecology”, “Physiological Basics of Physical Education”, “Physical Hygiene”, “Biomechanics”, “Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine”, “Pediatrics and Hygiene of Early age and Pre-school Children”, “Pathological Physiology”, “Higher Nervous Activity”, “Immunology”, “Basics of Medicine”, etc.

The chair carried out research on botany, ecology, zoology and physiology from 2010 to 2015. The chair has published about 106 articles as thesis and 3 academic manuals.

The Chair of Botany was established in 1973. Later, in 1991, after admitting the students with the specialty of “Geography”, the chair delivered courses on the subjects of physical geography and in 1992 it changed into the Chair of Botany and Geography. In 1973 the Chair of Zoology and Physiology was also founded. In 2014 the 2 chairs united into the Chair of Biology, which works up to now.

From the day of its establishment until today the following chair holders have worked in the Chair of Biology:

Karlen Karapetyan- Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor (in 1973-1974)

Rafik Yedoyan- Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor (in 1974-1980)

Sergey Aprikyan- Candidate of Biological Sciences, Professor (in 1980-1990)

Rafik Yedoyan- Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor (in 1990-2003)

Zaruhi Vardanyan- Candidate of Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor (in 2003-2006)

Rafik Yedoyan- Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Correspondent Member of RA Academy of Sciences (from 2006 up to now).

From the day of its establishment the Chair of Zoology and Physiology was headed by the following specialists:

Nikolay Mikayelyan- Doctor of Biological Sciences, (in 1973-1991)

Davit Lokyan- Candidate of Biological Sciences, (in 1991-2001)

Hasmik Grigoryan- Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor (in 2001-2012)

Armenuhi Harutyunyan- Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor (in 2012-2014).

The Chair of Biology has a significant contribution to the reforms of higher education, the investment and development of the credit system in education, and the formation and introduction of multi-factor assessment of students.

Nowadays, the chair works according to the international standards.

The works carried out in the chair focus on the following issues:

  1. Improving the effectiveness of teaching by diverse and multifold processes,
  2. Consolidation and development of students’ individual work and development of new methods and techniques,
  3. Improvement of the activities of SSC, improve students’ suggested scientific topics of practical and experimental nature.
  4. To choose only modern and specific theoretical and practical questions which arises interest as the topics of scientific seminars of the chair, that must be combined with the research carried out by the lecturer.
  5. Serious attention must be paid to international, foreign, particularly Russian international staff, as well as to the cooperation with National Academy of Sciences in the Republic of Armenia and various universities and scientific centers.

With the teaching work the members of the chair carry out serious research.

The chair has two main research topics, which include 9 subtopics:

  1. Main theme– “Study of Useful Wild Plants, Ecosystems and Landscapes of Lori Region”. The sub-topics stem from the main topic and more or less cover its various sectors.

1.1.    “Bio-ecological Assessment of Main Vegetative Ecosystems of Northern Armenia” (done by Z. Vardanyan). “Relict Dendrocoenoses of Subalpine Zone in Northern Armenia” is a part of this theme and is fulfilled by H. Mkhitaryan.

1.2.    “Quantitative and Qualitative Dynamics of Heavy Metals in Wild Vegetable Plants in Various Ecological Conditions”, done by T. Hovsepyan, who is Assisstant.

1.3.    “Bio-ecological Features of Wild Fruit Bushes of Debet River Valley under Different Ecological Conditions”, done by N. Asatryan, Candidate of Biological Sciences and Associate Professor.

1.4.    “Ecological Fitocoenotic Features of Subalpine High Grasses in Northern Armenia”, done by G. Sahakyan, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor.

1.5.    “Problems of Northern Armenia Flora”, done by L. Bayramyan.

1.6.    “Biological and Economical Characteristics of Wild Staphylea in Different Ecological Conditions”, done by K. Gevorgyan (Ghazaryan).

1.7.    “Evaluation of the condition of Natural and Anthropogenic Landscapes of Lori Region: Ways of Improving Them”, done by S. Baghdasaryan, Candidate of Geographical Sciences.

1.8.    “Impact of Economical Activities on Water Quality of Pambak River and its Streams”, done by S. Zalinyan.

Theme 2 – “Problems of Management of Water Resources and Planning River Basins”, which is a problem of geographical nature, and it is done by G. Tadevosyan, Candidate of Geographical Sciences and Associate Professor. The staff of the chair has presented the results of their studies in the interuniversity, national and international conferences. The lecturers of the chair have published a number of scientific articles, theses, monographs, university manuals, university textbooks and methodological manuals.

Z. Vardanyan, Candidate of Biological Sciences, has been a member of the working group of PhD postgraduate education organization project since 2014 and since 2015 she has been the head of the project. Since 2015 he has been a member of Vanadzor working group of the project “Community Development in the South Caucasus”. Since 2015 he has been collaborating with Vanadzor team of the Australian Red Cross. In 2015 Z. Vardanyan, Doctor of Biological Sciences, with L. Bayramyan, lecturer, Associate Professor, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, won the first and second phases in “Open competition for the development of additional educational programs to establish the culture of students’ healthy diet emphasizing the active learning methods” organized by RF Moscow Food Institute. The three lecturers of the chair, such as Z. Vardanyan, A. Gevorgyan, N. Asatryan have presented a programme on the subject “Methods of Teaching Biology” within the scope of the programme called “Strengthening of the Role of Universities as Lifelong Learning Institutions” (SSRULLI, TEMPUS). The members of the chair have actively participated in the compilation of the educational programmes.

Head of the Chair of Biology R. Yedoyan, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

Correspondent Member of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia

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