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Kristine Hаrutyunyаn, Mаnаnа Dаlаlyаn

Thrоugh the Lens оf Trаnslаtiоn: English Film Titles in the Аrmeniаn Cоntext

Sona Simonyan

Structural-Semantic Types of Modern Armenian and English Two-Component Verbal Phraseological Units

Tereza Shahverdyan

Borrowings in Middle Armenian (Persian Borrowings, Continuation)

Tina Ayvazyan

Features of the Organization of a Multi-perspective Narrative of Levon Khechoyan’s Historical Novel “King Arshak, Eunuch Drastamat”      

Vladimir Poghosyan, Natella Grigoryan, Ashkhen Mkrtumyan, Maria Stepanyan

The Soviet School and the Measurement of the Dailyness of the Educational System (On the Example of Ijevan School Construction)

Feliks Movsisyan

The Response to the Croatian National Struggle in 1848-1849 in the Western Armenian Periodical Press

Yurik Ghulyan

Actions of Azerbaijan to connect with Turkey through the Territory of Armenia in 1918-1920

Artur Melikyan

The King of the Kings Varahran I

Armen Badalyan

The Policy of Forming the Nomenclature in Soviet Armenia (in the 1920s )

Vachagan Khazhakyan

Western Historiography of the 60s-70s of 20th Century on the Problems of Humanism and the Reformation in Italy

Hayk Ghazaryan

Issues of Proper Notification and Judicial Protection of an Administrative Act

Sofya Babayan, Tatev Brutyan, Heghine Teruni

Synergy of the Triad “Education — Employer — Labor Market” as a Strategy for Advanced Forecasting of Social Order

Erik Hakobyan, Roman Karapetyan

The International Experience of Evaluating the Effectiveness of Public Administration

Hrayr Papoyan

Methodological Approaches to teaching Behavioral Economics

Armen Melikyan

The Essence of Social Partnership and the Necessity of its Establishment in the Republic of Armenia

Gnel Tigranyan

Features of Practical Verification of Philosophical Knowledge

Anna Grigoryan

The Sociocultural Characteristic Peculiarities of Liberalization in Contemporary Societies

Garik Hovakimyan

Features of Ethnic Self-Consciousness of Servicemen (Military Personnel) in the Post-War Period

Vanane Mirzoyan

Interrelation of Personal Characteristics with Personality Resistance in Various Professions

Nazik Gishyan

Problems of Teaching the Topic of the Armenian Genocide in Primary School

Liza Haroyan, Alina Haroyan

Perception and Use of Symbolic Means in the Intellectual and Pedagogical Education of Six-Year-Old Children

Anahit Stepanyan

Teaching the Subject of  “Social Work Technology” with the Use of Interactive Methods

Margarita Makoyan, Armine Khachatryan

Comparative Analysis of Commnicative Skills and AQS  (Average Quality Score) of Students in Various Conditions of Learning Activities’ Organization