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On June 1 and June 4 there was organized meeting discussion on SWOT analyses of VSU internationalization process, which was proceeded in two stages. The initiative belonged to Gohar Dokholyan head of Cooperation and Relation department. Employees from different department were attended in analyze.

The participants were divided in two groups.They discussed the strong side of the university; such as the availability of educational programmes based on final results, the international internship in mobility programme,   one educational software certification experience of Master degree, organization of annual international conferences in the university, recognition and transfer of credits. They also took into account the weak sides of the university, such as imperfectness of the university marketing, the lack of foreign language teaching educational programme and training, insufficient availability of material and technical base of the university and others.

G. Dokholyan got the presents acquainted with the examples of international strategy mission (to promote the acquisition of knowledge, to educate the public citizens and citizen society leaders, which will be implementing with the help of liberal Art and the transformation of science education force, to serve society by providing an international level of education and science) and the vision of strategic plan of University of Kentucky.

At the result of discussion the participants decided the opportunities and dangers of the university.

Astghik Harutyunyan

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