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On June 4, there was held on Vanadzor State University’s rectorate session, which was conducted by University’s Rector, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Gurgen Khachatryan.

The first issue of the agenda was about the report of the chairmen of committees that examined the personal affairs of the current system of undergraduate students (bachelor, master). Chairmen of committees had reports on the issue.

103 students (33 Master students, 70 bachelor students) are studying in Pedagogical Faculty. In general, there were minor missions in the documents; there were no missions in the documents for the students of the excellence diploma.

The students’ documents of Biological and Chemical Faculty (26 Bachelor students, 11 Master Students) are available:  newsletters, maternity books have been studied, the 2nd semester’s results have been summed up, the 13 styles have also been available. 7 from 7 students of “Biology” specialty   and 7 from 10 students of “Pharmaceutical Chemistry” who are candidate of excellence diploma their AQR are more than 90. At the Master's degree students of “Chemistry” (6 students) and “Biology” (2 students), the points were higher than 95, there were no significant defects, except for a few delays that were attached to the corresponding explanatory notes.

All documents, maternity books, newsletters, personal affairs, problems have been studied in Historical and Geographical Faculty: problems, there have not been omissions and deletions; the only omission was the lack of results for the second half of the year.

The second issue of the agenda was about the preparatory works for the 2nd semester session of the distance learning system of 2017-18 academic years. Deans of the faculties reported on the issue. Deans spoke about the preparatory works on their faculties and stated that there are not any problems in their preparatory works the only issue is overloaded audiences.

Current issues were also discussed.

Astghik Harutyunyan

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