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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. +374 322 46387

According to the resolution N 219 of the rector of VSU, March 19, 2015, the center of supplementary education was renamed the center of continuing (lifelong) education.

The laws “On education”, “On higher and post-graduate specialization education” of RA; the resolution N 124-Ն, 2010 of RA Government on approval of the “Policy of correspondence (distance) learning of higher and post-graduate education specializations”; “Lifelong learning conception” N 43-Ն, 2009 of RA Government; VSU “Strategy of continuing education organization”, the university development conception 2010-2015, and other normative legal acts are on the basis of the center’s activities.

The functions of the center are:

  • Raising the qualification of the university staff and training them,
  • Continuous development of general, objective and research abilities of the university staff,
  • Development and consolidation of language skills and proficiency for different groups based on the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages,
  • Organization of retraining, qualification raising and requalification courses through effective combination and application of package (case),  internet and telecommunication technologies based on demand,
  • To introduce supplementary and continuing education to international community and to follow the developments in the sphere of employment,
    • To ensure the implementation of the right to education without work interruption.

The structure of the center

The center of continuing (lifelong) education is established, reorganized and liquidated by the rector’s resolution, after the approval of the academic board.


Head of the center of continuing education – Qristine Ghazaryan

Coordinator of the university staff training activities – Robert Sahakyan

Coordinator of the language teaching activities – Gohar Dokholyan

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