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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. +374 322 46387

In this Faculty the education is realized in the following specialties.

The Bachelor’s degree program

Primary education. Pedagogy and Methods

Qualification – Bachelor of Pedagogy

Pre- school education. Pedagogy and Psychology

Qualification – Bachelor of Pedagogy

Painting and Drawing (only correspondence learning)

Qualification – Bachelor of Pedagogy

Musical Education (only correspondence learning)

Qualification – Bachelor of Pedagogy

Social Pedagogy

Qualification – Bachelor of Pedagogy

Pedagogy and Sociology (only distance-learning system)


The Master’s Degree   Pedagogy and Psychology

Qualification - Master of Pedagogy and Psychology

 The Organization of Education

Qualification - Master of Pedagogy

The Faculty of Pedagogy was founded in 1969.

Till now the Faculty of Pedagogy has given almost 7000 graduates and it has 826 students in correspondence learning and distance learning systems.

The faculty comprises the Chairs of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art, where Doctors of Science and Candidates as well as popular names in the fields of Painting and Music work.  The Chair of Art organizes exhibitions of students’ diploma works and planer-works. These activities turn into a cultural event not only for the Institute itself but also for the city and the whole region.

The Chair works in the department of school number 6 and it has become one of the special seats of art in the city.

There is an educational lab of Pedagogy and Psychology within the Faculty. The curator of the study room is Maneh Sargsyan.

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