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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. +374 322 46387

The faculty offers education in the following specialties:

The Bachelor’s degree program

010100 Mathematics

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

050200 Information Technologies

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Information Technologies

050600 Technology and Entrepreneurship (Management, Small and Medium Business Management)

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Technology and Entrepreneurship

010200 Applied Mathematics and Physics

Qualification: Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Physics

010100 /68.1/ Mathematics

Qualification: Master of Arts in Mathematics

010600 /68.1/ Physics

Qualification: Master of Arts in Physics

Starting from 2012, a graduate program will also be offered by the faculty.

010500 /68/ Applied Mathematics and Physics

Qualification: Master of Applied Mathematics and Physics

010400 /68.1/ Information Technologies and Applied Mathematics

Qualification: Master of Arts in Information Technologies and Applied Mathematics

Senior students will be offered additional trainings related to their specializations.

The faculty of Physics and Mathematics was founded in 1969.

Currently, approximately 400 students are involved in correspondence and distance education in the the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

Since its establishment till 2017, the faculty has had more than 7000 alumni who currently work in the spheres of education, pedagogy, science, engineering technologies, production, management, as well as different spheres of public life. Among them are candidates and doctors of sciences, distinguished teachers, fifteen of them working as instructors and almost as many holding other positions at the University.

The faculty comprises of four specialized chairs: the Chair of Mathematical Analysis, the Chair of Mathematics and Its Teaching Methods, the Chair of Methods and Modeling of Information Technologies and Mathematical Economics, the Chair of Mathematics. Among the 60 faculty members there are professors, associate professors, doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, senior lecturers and assistants.

The former deans of the faculty are candidates of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professors V. Pasoyan, R. Sahakyan, Zh. Hakhinyan, S. Kharatyan. Since 2004, the position of the dean is held by Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor H. Grigoryan.

Learning laboratories and workshops of mechanics, molecular physics, electromagnetism, electro-radio, optics and atomic physics, computer science and computer engineering, information technologies, and general technical sciences operate within the faculty. The experiments and researches are carried out in accordance with the program requirements of higher education. The Chair of Information Technologies carries out methodological work in the computer laboratory named after Academician Sergey Mergelyan – equipped with modern computer techniques and materials. The center is an appropriate educational base for the students and instructors of the Institute. The center, together with the other computer labs of the faculty, provides the students with an opportunity to get to know and work with the systems of laboratory experiments, computer equipment and automatic control involved in the educational programs.

It is impossible to train competent specialists without research activities. To this purpose serves the problem solving laboratory of the Institute, where the professors of the faculty, together with the students, carry out scientific researches and experiments in the fields of Physics, Science and Technology with the help of modern equipment and materials.

General and professional literature in Armenian, as well as in other languages, is available in the scientific and methodological libraries and offices. The printed and electronic versions of lecture materials, educational packages and other educational materials are also available in the Armenian language. Students can access the databases in the library and in the corresponding chairs, as well as by using the computer discs distributed to the students each semester. Such disks containing information on methodological materials and the education process are regularly distributed to the students of distance learning system as well.

Due to the profound education of Physics, Mathematics and Technologies, the faculty trains mathematicians, physicists, teachers and other specialists in the fields of technical, engineering and other applied sciences. 

Dean of the faculty Physics and Mathematics is Hermine Grigoryan. She was born on October 13, 1970, Kirovakan, Armenian SSR. In 1992 he graduated from Kirovakan State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. In 2008 H.Grigoryan was awarded the degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and in 2011 the degree of Associate Professor.

H. Grigoryan instructs the courses “Mathematical Physics Equations”, “Differential Equations”, “Complex Analyses”, “Differential and Integral Account Function of One Variable”. She deals with issues of variable thickness of plate’s anisotropic boundary value. 

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