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The “Double Diploma” joint Master study is a Master’s Double Degree program launched in 2016 within the framework of a bilateral agreement between Vanadzor State University (VSU) and Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) (Poznan, Poland). The joint program is designed for students who have completed their BA studies in the fields of Philology, History, or Art, and are currently enrolled in a relevant Master’s study program at VSU or AMU. Within the scope of the Double Degree program, following the completion of the selection procedure, MA students from VSU are given the opportunity of studying one year at Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology, after which they pursue their second year of studies at the Departments of Philology, History, or Pedagogy at VSU. On successful completion of the full Master’s study periods at both universities, the students obtain two Master’s Diplomas – one in the field of Mediterranean Studies, granted by Poznan Adam Mickiewicz University, and one awarded by Vanadzor State University with a relevant specialization.

The objective of the “Double Diploma” Master's study program is the provision of a quality MA education with the specialization of Mediterranean Studies by submerging it into to the fields of Philology, History, Pedagogy, Cultural Studies, Tourism, Media, and International Relations. At the rise of the social demand, VSU in cooperation with AMU aims at developing and delivering an educational program, which will meet all the requirements of the labor market in terms of the relevance, quality, and competitiveness of the specialization supported.

Within the frames of the program, the education at AMU is fully provided in English; consequently, applicants for the “Double Diploma” Master's study program need to have a good command of English as a foreign language. Additionally, students may have the opportunity of enrolling in foreign language (Polish, German, etc.) studies organized at AMU by the Department or in the scope of AMU-PIE program.

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