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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. +374 322 46387

The Chair of Philosophy and Politology was established in 1969 (previously- the Chair of Philosophy and Political Economy, and from 1972- the Chair of Philosophy). The chair was headed by Vladimir Ayvazyan (1969-1984), Aram Khachatryan (1984-2002), Eduard Alaverdyan (2002-2010).

Gagik Yetimyan, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor has been managing the chair since 2010.


Twice in a year the chair organizes quality raising courses and examinations (PhD minimums) in which postgraduates of VSU and other universities take part. The chair provides courses to all the faculties of the university, and is the issuer of the profession “Jurisprudence”. More than 60 subjects are instructed by the chair, among which “Philosophy”, “Politology”, “Jurisprudence”, “Cultural Studies” are taught to all the faculties. The chair carries out research work within the scope of the topic “Features of Contemporary Social Philosophy”.

The publications of the chair can be found here: http://vspi.am/publication.php?lang=1

The lecturers of the chair have published more than 100 scientific articles, as well as 5 monographs.

Over the last 5 years the chair has been working actively within the scope of university-school cooperation, organizing consultation courses and open door days for school teachers of the subject “Social Science”, and subject Olympiads for schoolchildren.

Republican scientific conferences and SSC readings are held regularly.

The chair cooperates with different Universities of the country, and is staffed with young lecturers.

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