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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. +374 322 46387

The Chair of Foreign languages of the university was founded in 1969 (previously- Chair of Russian and Foreign Languages). In 1973 it was divided into two independent chairs- the Chair of Russian Language and the Chair of Foreign Languages. The chair provides courses to all the faculties of the university. About 50 subjects are taught in English, German and French languages. Today 17 lecturers work in the chair, among them 7 Candidates, 4 Associate Professors and 5 Assistants.

Scientific conferences, as well as pedagogical and methodological seminars are organized by the chair.

The chair designs educational and methodological materials in accordance with the course of the theoretical subject; educational and methodological manuals, developments for English as professional and non-professional faculties, as well as for school children are worked out. A number of books, scientific, educational and methodological manuals have been published by the lecturers of the chair K. Sargsyan, N. Jaghinyan, L. Vardanyan, L. Sarukhanyan,G. Alaverdyan, A. Papoyan, A. Arakelyan and others.  9 lecturers are presently working on their PhD theses. Currently 4 lecturers are working on their PhD thesis. The chair has more than 90 published scientific articles.

The lecturers are actively involved in the preparation of grant projects. Experience exchanges are implemented in a number of universities in abroad (Sweden, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria). Our students are actively involved in exchange projects, many of them are now continuing their education in the universities of abroad (Poland, Sweden, Spain, Rumania, Portugal). The Chair of Foreign Languages every year organizes in the city quizzes, competitions, as well as workshops and conferences for the English language teachers, who   reinforce the university-school relation better. By the initiative and support of the Chair of Foreign Language there are “TEDvsu Club” and “Debate Club” groups for developing the students’ English language skills and abilities in extra class conditions. The work groups are implemented by “English language and Literature” specialty, 4th year students and postgraduate students. The chair managed and regulated the works that have been done by them.

We would like to mention that many of our graduates have great success in the professional sphere. 

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