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Head of the Chair of Physical Education and Emergency State Issues V. Gharagyozyan, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, RA Honored Worker of Physical Education and Sports

Lab assistant K. Barseghyan

The subject “Physical Education” has been taught in the university since 1969.

The Chair of Physical Education was founded in 1973. The head of the chair was S. Baghdasaryan.

The chair was headed by:

  1. L. Petrosyan, RA triple Honored (Teacher, Trainer, Worker) Professor (1973-1987)
  2. V. Tatyan, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor (1987-2000)
  3. V. Gharagyozyan, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Academician of RF Academy of Natural Sciences, International Advanced Referee, Honored Worker of RA Physical Education and Sports, Honored Citizen of Vanadzor (since 2001)

L. Jilavyan, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences; P. Petrosyan, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences; M. Malumyan; H. Mkrtchyan; V. Barisov; Zh. Sichova; R. Barsegyan; Ye. Muradyan; A. Mamunts; L. Poghosyan; V. Gasparyan; M. Hakobyan; K. Gasparyan; A. Martirosyan; N. Avagyan; A. Tovmasyan; V. Harutyunyan, Associate Professor worked or still work in the chair. About 20 lecturers (A. Nasilyan, A. Chatinyan, S. Amirbekyan, G. Yeritsyan, H. Muradyan, V. Ghambaryan, G. Nersesyan) work paid per-hour.

In 2001 the chair was divided into two parts:

  1. University-wide Chair of General Physical Education that provides courses to all the faculties of VSU.
  2. Chair of Theory and Methods of Physical Education that provides courses to the Department “Physical Education and Sports” of the Bio-chemical Faculty of the university (Head of the chair Z. Evoyan, International Advanced Referee, Honored Trainer, Associate Professor)

Eighteen lecturers and 3 lecturers paid for hourly work in the chair, among them RA Honored Trainers, Masters of Sports, and lecturers with academic titles and degrees:

1 Professor- V. Gharagyozyan (Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences),

 7 Associate Professors- R. Nasilyan, G. Shahverdyan, S. Barseghyan, Z. Evoyan, M. Nurijanyan, H. Sargsyan,

3 Assistants- N. Avagyan, S. Khlghatyan, A. Barseghyan (Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences),

7 Lecturers- G. Martirosyan, L. Hovhannisyan, M. Mkrtchyan, M. Siradeghyan, A. Aghabekyan, G. Nersesyan, V. Ayvazyan.

Lecturers of the chair G. Martirosyan, L. Hovhannisyan, A. Barseghyan, V. Nazaryan, M. Mkrtchyan, N. Avagyan, H. Sargsyan and V. Azaryan are VSU graduates.

About 30 subjects are taught by the chair ((Physical Education, Civil Defense and Emergency Issues, Olympic Movement, History of Physical Education and Sports, Sports Games, Management of Physical Education and Sports, Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Wrestling, Swimming, Skiing, Sports, Tourism, Sports Institutions, Shooting, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology, etc).

The chair provides courses to all the faculties of the university, and a significant work is done to improve the position of the Issues of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, Physical Education and Sports. An outdoor sports complex is built in the territory of the university, where competitions of mini football, basketball, volleyball and handball are held.

Mini sports halls with saunas, sports devices and billiard table are built, and the lecturing staff of the 2 Chairs of Physical Education contributed to it. The lecturers of the chair have participated in various scientific conferences and seminars, and published a number of scientific articles in different magazines.

In 2011-2012 Academic year the Chair of Emergency Situations united with the Chair of General Physical Education. Two lecturers of the chair (Major N. Avagyan and Colonel S. Amirbekyan) who are experienced lecturers and specialists, teach the subject “Civil Defense and Emergency Issues” in all the faculties of VSU. In 2014-2015 Academic year the Chair of Theory and Methods of Physical Education (where work such skilled specialists, Associate Professors as Z. Evoyan, M. Nurijanyan, H. Sargsyan and V. Ghambaryan) joined the chair.

There is a lab of Emergency Issues, which is equipped with furniture, literature, a TV with a DVD, appropriate disks are acquired.

The lab of Physical Education is established.

The published scientific works of the lecturers of the chair are:

V. Gharagyozyan- 23 monographs, 2 educational and methodological manuals, 20 articles, 1 manual,

R. Nasilyan- 2 methodological manuals, 6 articles,

G. Shahverdyan- 1 methodological guide, 1 educational and methodological manual, 32 articles,

G. Matsakyan- 4 articles,

A. Barseghyan- 1 methodological guide, 9 articles, 1 methodological manual,

S. Khlghatyan- 1 methodological work, 3 articles, 1 manual (handwritten),

V. Nazaryan- 2 methodological manual, 10 articles,

N. Avagyan- 2 methodological and educational manuals, 1 manual of teaching materials, 1 article,

S. Barseghyan- 3 articles, manual

G. Martirosyan- 1 methodological manual (handwritten), 1 article,

M. Mkrtchyan- 4 articles,

L. Hovhannisyan- 1 article, 1 methodological guideline (handwritten),

Z. Evoyan- 10 articles, 1 educational and methodological manual,

M. Nurijanyan- 13 articles (2 of them handwritten),

H. Sargsyan- 9 articles, 2 manual, 1 methodological work.

The works refer to the International Olympic movement; the Activities of the IOC (International Olympic Committee); Ancient and Modern Olympic Games and the participation of Armenians in them; History and Records of International Weightlifting; History of Physical Culture, Theory and Methods of Children’s Physical Education; Methods of Teaching Motion Games; Athletics; Organization and Strategy of Wrestling; Physical Education of Students in Special Medical Groups; the Impact of Motion Rhythm; Improvements of Handball Training; Techniques of Volleyball, Basketball and Football; Physical Activeness and Endurance of Students; Theory of Skiing and Mountain Skiing; Development of Flexibility Qualities; Natural and Ecological Disasters; Technogenic Accidents; Damage Prevention; Moderation of Loads; Methods of Teaching PE; Role of the Trainer; Methods of Diagnostics; Sambo Wrestling; Olympic Upbringing of Pupils; Methods of Applied Gymnastic Exercises; etc. Educational practice and internship is organized.

V. Nazaryan (2013) and A. Barseghyan (2014), Assistants, have defended their PhD theses and are working on the doctoral theses.

The following VSU graduates have won worldwide recognition: Stepan Sargsyan (freestyle wrestling), olympic silver medalist, world cup winner, USSR Honored Master of Sports; Gagik Ghazaryan (sambo), five-time world champion, double world cup winner, RA Honored Master of Sports; Samson Khachatryan (boxing), five-time champion of USSR, twice champion of Spartakiads of the peoples of USSR, RA Honored Master of Sports; Hrachik Javakhyan (boxing), RA Honored Master of Sports, Olympic bronze medalist, Champion of Europe; Hovik Manukyan (sambo), triple world champion and world cup winner, RA Honored Master of Sports. Vakhtang Darchinyan has been recognized the absolute champion in professional boxing. In 2014 Tigran Kirakosyan (5th year student, sambo) became the champion of Europe, and in 2015 he took 2nd price in world championship. Now  3rd year student Senik Serobyan is World and European Youth champion (freestyle wrestling).

 About 60 sportsmen have accomplished the norm of Sports Master.

9 sportsmen of the university have participated in the Olympic Games.

Head of the Chair of Physical Education and Emergency State Issues V. Gharagyozyan, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Bakhshy Saroyan (wrestling) is a USSR Honored Trainer.

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